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Remote Support Features for a 5-Star Customer Experience

SMS, WhatsApp, or Email

Choose how you invite your guest users. All of this can be configured based on your workspace domain.

No App Download

Blitzz supports all major mobile browsers so your guest users don't have to install an app.

1:1 or Group Calls

Add your team or supervisor to the call to assist or join a silent observer on mute.

Optical Character Recognition

Extract text and numbers from images (eg. VIN, barcode, model number, etc.)

Silent Observer

Allow a trainee or wupervisor to join the same call as a silent observer during remote video sharing.

Bandwidth Optimized Video

Blitzz will automatically adjust your bandwidth utilization based on your internet connection strength.

Live Pointer

Use a live pointer on a live video stream to navigate the end-user.

Markup and Live editing

Draw and markup on an image using pointers, arrow, and text. Save the image for future reference.

Industry Leaders Trust Blitzz

Realwear Remote Video Support Blitzz
Cable Labs Remote Video Technologies
CoreHA Remote Appraisal
Safelite Remote Video Assistance Blitzz
Durst Video Support
Santmyer Oil
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If you can open a text,
you can use Blitzz.

Give your customers a support experience they enjoy, with no app download, and quick, easy-to-follow instructions.

Connect to customers
without the wasted
travel costs.

Simple to use remote software allows your reps to reduce handle time and improve the time to resolution.

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Supported Devices

pc and mac
PC and Mac

Browser on PC and Mac. No App download required.

Android Phones

Browser and Optional App download available for Android Devices to join or start a video call.

iPhone and iPads

Browser and Optional App download available for iOS Devices to join or start a video call.

Smart Glass

Connect a video session using smart glass of your choice (Realwear, Vuzix, Epson, ODG)

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