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Press Release: Smart Customer Service with Remote Assistance

Press Release: Blitzz launches a smart, video-based Service platform for Businesses. “We give field service technicians and maintenance technicians the ability to solve Customer Problems on their first call or visit”, explains Rama Sreenivasan, CEO and co-founder of Blitzz. explicit he invites machine and equipment manufacturers from the glass industry as well as glass processing Companies to use the product. “If you offer support or need support, you can use our product”says Sreenivasan.

Essential features of Platform include:

  • Live video and chat
  • Augmented reality (close Augmented Reality) to view photos, video images, documents or machine components interactively to annotate
  • Predictive support: Blitzz gives Technicians in advance helpful tips and videos for their work. Blitzz learns from historical work orders through a machine-learning process or with a training database. According to the CEO, Blitzz adds great importance to the security of the transmitted data.

Author: Matthias Metzger
Source: GFF Magazine

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