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Save the Trip!

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App-Free Remote Video
Inspections and Support.

In-person inspections, audits, and support are
costing you money.

A remote video tool can set your business apart, reducing costs from unnecessary trips, without sacrificing the user's experience. 


5 Star User Experiences at 3x Profit Margin

If you've been turned off by remote video tools in the past, it's because they failed to deliver the essential functions and experience you need.

Whether you're an inspector, auditor, or part of a support team, Blitzz makes it easy to connect and resolve your customer's needs, without wasting a trip in-person.


Popular Use Cases

Inspections And Auditors

Quality Inspections & Audits

We helped a global construction company save hundreds of hours by making QA remote.

Home Appraisal & Inspections

Appraise homes without requiring costly in-person visits using robust video inspections.

Insurance, Warranty & Claims

We help insurance companies process more claims in a fraction of the time.

Heavy Machinery Inspections

We helped a tank inspection business reduce travel costs by 75% with remote expert inspections.

Customer Support Teams

Visual Support for Contact Centers

We helped a major telecom provider reduce truck rolls by 60% & improve customer satisfaction.

Video Powered Sales Calls

Remote sales teams can identify customers’ current equipment and suggest upgrades.

Remote Expert to Field Tech

Our client gave field techs real-time guidance from off-site experts with remote support.

Automotive Troubleshooting

We helped a large auto manufacturer provide roadside assistance to stranded customers.

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