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Remote Field Service Software: 4 Ways to Improve Team Efficiency

Team communication and efficiency are essential for the success of your business. 97% of employees believe that a lack of team alignment impacts projects’ quality and completion rate.

You feel like you’ve tried everything to improve the efficiency of your field service processes. You’ve coordinated truck routes, tried preventative maintenance, and worked to improve communication among team members. If nothing seems to be working, don’t throw in the towel just yet. We have the solution to your problems: Remote field service.

This post will cover four ways that investing in remote field service software can improve your field service team’s efficiency. 


Can Remote Field Service Software Improve Efficiency? 

You may be thinking, “Sure, remote field service might be faster than on-site service, but can remote service ever really be as effective as in-person service?” The simple answer here is absolutely. But you don’t have to just take our word for it! 

In 2020, 78% of companies temporarily stopped deploying field service techs to customer sites due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, customers didn’t stop needing assistance just because the techs were unable to come on-site. So companies were forced to innovate. Businesses across industries discovered that remote work was not only possible in these areas, but it was faster, less expensive to operate, and a crowd-pleaser with their customers.

Blitzz has been at the forefront of remote field service and live video assistance since its inception. We offer user-friendly remote field service solutions both your customers and your techs will love. Schedule a demo of Blitzz to see the features we offer! 

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Track Customer Interactions 

When customers are surveyed about their top complaints from customer service lines, an answer that pops up repeatedly is the struggle of having to repeat their issue to multiple reps. Customers contact your service line because they’re frustrated with an issue, and nothing will make them more frustrated than encountering unnecessary barriers on their path to resolve the problem. This is why tracking customer interactions is an essential piece of your customer service puzzle. 

Set up a process of logging customer issues so any support agent can access and reference any customer challenges. This will not only prevent your customers from needing to rehash their problem every time they speak to a new agent but will also let you track recurring customer issues.


Leverage Augmented Reality 

Technology has made some incredible advancements in recent years, one of which is augmented reality (AR). AR refers to technology that enhances the real world with computer-generated visuals. AR is more than a cool piece of tech when it comes to remote field service - it’s a complete game-changer. 

Tools like Blitzz allow field service technicians to collaborate with customers using AR. Pointers, text, and other features can be projected onto the customer’s camera view by the support rep, guiding them through the solution to their technical troubles. 

AR helps your team solve customer issues faster and more efficiently. This means each team member can tackle more customer issues per day, speeding up your team’s efficiency as a whole. 


Let On-Site Techs Phone a Friend 

The events of 2020 and beyond have shown us that we can do a significant portion of our daily work remotely. With the advanced tools on the market, we can offer quality technical support remotely. However, there will still be times when you’ll need to send a tech on-site. Remote field service software can still benefit you in these cases.

Your on-site technician may be able to solve the issue singlehandedly, but if not, your remote support tool can come into play. The on-site technician can “phone a friend,” calling in live assistance for field service on the spot. 

If you’re investing in rolling a truck, you’re going to want to make sure that the issue gets resolved. An on-site technician can call in another expert virtually, collaborating to make sure the job gets done.


Use Data to Drive Decisions 

When it comes to efficiency, proactivity is always better than reactivity. But with field support, how can we be proactive? After all, you cannot anticipate when a customer will have an issue they need your company’s help with.

Or can you?

Using your field service software, you can track customer interactions and issues, storing that data for use in reporting. With this information at your fingertips, you can analyze trends in support issues, allowing you to anticipate problems before they surface and improve your preventative maintenance efforts. You can also use data to forecast future trends in service demand, allowing you to schedule techs appropriately, so you’re never short-staffed and taken by surprise. 


Improve Your Team’s Efficiency with Remote Field Service Software 

With the tools on the market today, remote field service isn’t just possible; it’s the superior method of field service. Taking out the need to drive out to a customer site not only saves time and money but allows your team to work together more efficiently, solving customer issues faster.

Blitzz’s Concierge tool offers all the best features like AR, text extraction using OCR or optical character recognition technology, and screen capture. Even better, your team can benefit from these features immediately - no training, downloads, or downtime required. To learn more about how Blitzz can make your efficiency skyrocket, start your free trial today. 

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