Save money and reduce site visits with remote visual support.

Reduce site visits & see 10x ROI in the first month alone.

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Save an average of
$533 per agent every month.

*based on 10 calls per month


Using Blitzz Concierge™ is as easy as opening a text message.

Forget about app downloads and complicated connection processes. 

In one click, your support team is connected to customers. 

"It was great. Customer liked it as well. She's an older lady and she didn't have issues getting it going on her Android phone."

-Field technician at a large telecom company


Solve your customer’s problems
quickly in 1 call.

Get to a complete resolution faster and reduce multiple call-ins.


Here's what one telecom company achieved when they had 20 of their technicians use Blitzz Concierge™ for 30 days.

  • Reduced their average issue resolution time by 48%.

  • Of 40 customers surveyed, 73% said they preferred video assistance over a voice-only call.

  • 78% of customers who were serviced with Blitzz Concierge™ found the tool "extremely helpful."

  • 96% of reps found it resolved tickets faster.

Easily scale up across your teams.

Blitzz Concierge's SaaS deployment model means you can add 5 or 500 new users without a complicated setup process. 

EXAMPLE:A leading North American telecommunications company with thousands of contact center agents brought 1,500 agents on board and up to speed in just 2 days.

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How a Leading North American Telecom company saves $800,000+ per month

A leading North American telecommunications company needed to improve their technical support services


Eliminated over 5,500 site visits.


40-point jump in their NPS score.

Remote visual support is a proven path to happy customers,
productive teams and support cost savings.

Integrations to create the ideal workflow for your organization.

From SalesForce and Zendesk to ServiceNow, Zinier, and more, integrate Blitzz Concierge™ into the tools your team already uses.

Who is Blitzz Concierge™ a fit for?

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Field service teams

Traditionally, field service teams send technicians out for almost every issue. But Blitzz Concierge reduces field technician visits by solving simple problems, so you only send a tech when it's necessary.

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Enterprise-level contact centers

High call volumes demand efficiency, both on the phone and for in-person visits. Blitzz Concierge helps contact center staff solve simple problems remotely and only send team members for complex issues.

Concierge™ Pricing

Blitzz pricing starts at $420/year per user and scales as you grow.

Blitzz helps customer support teams save 5-6 trips per rep every month, saving an average of $533 per rep every month.



per year

Popular Features

  • Invite Guests to Call by SMS, Email, or WhatsApp on Any Device
  • 2-3x Magnification of Video Stream
  • Collaborative Pointer on
    Live Video
  • Screenshare with Pointing & Markup
  • Collaborative Markup on Photos
  • No App Download

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One large telecom provider piloted Blitzz Concierge™ with just 20 technicians for 30 days. The results?

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