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Benefits of Augmented Reality and Customer Support

Augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) have started changing the customer service game over the past few years. Both AR and AI as customer service support offer both companies and customers plenty of benefits. The biggest advantage that these...

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How Augmented Reality Helps Workers

How Augmented Reality Helps Workers Getting through reality can be tough enough for the American worker, which may be why there's been such a push for "augmented reality" (AR) headsets to help make their jobs easier. Not to be confused with VR ("virtual reality"),...

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What Is Real Time Communication?

  Put simply, real-time communication, RTC, is a term used to describe any type of live telecommunications that take place with no transmission delays. It's virtually instant with little to no delay. An important factor to understand is that RTC data and messages...

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Visual Support Communication

Visual Support Communication Text-based chat has its place, but it doesn't always convey all of the information necessary to quickly and clearly help the remote person understand the situation. Visual support communication uses video, augmented reality and other...

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All You Need to Know About Employee Engagement Tools

Keeping employees engaged in their jobs can be a difficult task. When they're disengaged, staff members may become less productive, end up burnt out and could leave your business entirely. You have several methods for driving engagement, from offering a feature-rich...

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How AR Transforms Customer Experience

Augmented World -- How AR Transforms the Customer Experience   Augmented reality (AR) has drastically changed our world for the better. This technology allows consumers to experience products in an entirely new way. No longer do consumers need to head down to their...

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AR and VR: More than Just Video Games

AR & VR: More than Just Video Games "The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed," the science fiction writer William Gibson once wrote. That seems like an apt quote to apply to "AR" (augmented reality) and "VR" (virtual reality). While AR and...

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