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How Much Can a Remote Video Inspection Save Your Company?

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. In 2020, the world economy experienced an upheaval unprecedented in living memory. In the aftermath, companies are scrambling to find ways to reduce expenses while maintaining - or growing - revenue. 

Rolling trucks for every inspection is costly, but it was assumed that inspectors needed to physically visit the location in question to perform an adequate inspection for decades. Now, with tools like Blitzz, businesses realize that they can save thousands on truck rolls by allowing their inspectors to perform remote video inspections at the same high level of quality. Companies are starting to see how remote inspections keep inspectors and clients safe, save them money, and provide the same level of service.

Our clients are dramatically reducing the expenses of inspections while increasing the number of inspections their employees can complete. If that’s not a win-win, we’re not sure what is. 

Cost Benefits of Remote Video Inspection

Can switching to a remote-first model for inspection make a difference in your bottom line? After all, you already own the trucks needed for those truck rolls, and your inspectors are accustomed to performing their inspections in person. Wouldn’t it just be simpler to keep things the way they are?

Making the change to remote video inspections may be a lot simpler than you expect. Besides, you know as well as we do: Companies that refuse to innovate are the ones that get left in the dust.

Blitzz Inspect offers a robust yet simple-to-use remote inspection application that inspectors and customers love. Take the software for a spin today with a free 14-day trial, and keep reading to learn more about the ways remote inspection can save your company thousands. 

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Ways Remote Inspections Save

We’ve made a lofty promise of cost savings when it comes to remote video inspections, but where can you expect to see those savings on your balance sheet? There are two main categories, reduced vehicle-related costs and reduced time. Let’s discuss both of these benefits of remote inspections in more detail.

Reduced Vehicle Fleet Costs

If you’ve maintained a fleet of trucks, you know that the cost of those vehicles extends far beyond the initial purchase price. You have to keep each vehicle in your fleet insured and handle any routine maintenance

Then, there’s the cost of fuel. Sending heavy-duty trucks out to your customer sites for every inspection can rack up a hefty bill at the gas pump. Lastly, there is the risk of accidents out on the road, which can cost you vehicle repairs at best, and workers’ comp at worst. All in all, rolling fewer trucks can save you big money.

Reduced Time Per Inspection

The other way remote video inspection can save you money is concerning person-hours. When inspectors conduct their inspections remotely, they won’t have to factor in traffic delays or lengthy commutes between appointments. This means that not only are you saving billable hours on that commute time, but your inspectors can fit more appointments into the average working day. 

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How Much Companies Save With Remote Inspections

At Blitzz, we’ve tracked our clients’ savings from switching to remote video inspections. On average, each customer service representative with our clients reduced their monthly truck rolls by 5. According to the Technology and Services Industry Association, the average fully burdened cost of one truck roll is around $1,011. This figure means that each inspector cut their costs by over $5,000 per month.

$5,000 a month in savings might not sound like an impressive figure… until you factor in the number of inspectors you have on staff and the number of clients they could move to remote inspections. One client saw $800,000 in monthly savings after switching to a remote inspection model with Blitzz. 

Start Remote Inspections Today

If you’re ready to stop unnecessary truck rolls and start saving time and money, it’s time to invest in a quality tool for effective remote video inspections. There are several available applications on the market, but you need to ensure you’re investing in the right solution for your business.

When you use Blitzz for your remote video inspections, you get the simplicity and peace of mind of a download-free application that is intuitive and easy for your clients and your service reps to use. Blitzz also boasts cutting-edge features like augmented reality and convenient image and text capture capabilities to make remote inspections as simple as possible. 

Schedule a demo to see how Blitzz can transform your remote video inspection process today. 

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