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What are no-app video inspections?

Remote video inspections make it possible for inspectors to quickly, effectively, and efficiently complete inspections without having to leave the office and spend hours on the road.


The no-app video inspection allows inspectors to complete inspections from a remote location via a video call with the client — all without having to download an app or use any complicated remote collaboration software.


Mike O’Connell, Assistant Building Inspection Manager

Mike O’Connell, Assistant Building Inspection Manager, discusses the impact of Blitzz Remote Video Inspection on his department. Because Blitzz is so easy to use, they were up and running in a matter of just a couple of days.

Benefits of Remote Video Inspections

Remote video inspections offer a number of great benefits for businesses, customers, municipalities, and private inspectors, including:

Easy to Use

Remote video inspections are incredibly easy to use, ensuring that clients are satisfied and that inspectors can complete their job without any hang-ups.

Save Time & Money

Inspectors spend about 20% of their time on the road. Remote video inspections help inspectors reduce travel time and cut vehicle costs.

Keep Inspectors and Clients Safe

Remote inspections can help inspectors and clients stay safe through the COVID-19 outbreak by offering a remote alternative to in-person inspections without sacrificing quality.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Remote video inspections can boost customer satisfaction by eliminating waiting times and by helping complete inspections more quickly.

How Do Remote Video Inspections Work?

The remote video inspection process is simple and designed to be easy to navigate for both the inspector and the client.
SMS Invite

After the client schedules an appointment, instead of getting ready and driving to the location, the inspector can send the client a link for a video call.

Video Inspection

Once the client opens the link, the video call will begin and the inspector can guide the customer through the inspection process.

Markup and Capture Notes

The inspector can zoom in to get a detailed look, use advanced markup tools to make notes and point things out, capture images and videos for documentation purposes, and more.

Inspection Complete

Once the inspection is completed, the inspector can end the video call and move on to another inspection without needing to travel to a new worksite.

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