Visual Remote Support for your Field Teams

For Customer – Centric Data Driven field service

Real Time Video Streaming for Remote Field Service

Blitzz provides customers with assistance, helping them to get the product working. Our remote field service solutions help customers to fix issues remotely and remove their dependency on waiting for an onsite visit. IT-supported field management systems involve customers and provide immediate answers and solutions improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.





Remote IT Field Support With Augmented Reality Glasses

Convert videos using the Blitzz video editor to add timestamps that you can jump to using voice commands on your smart glasses. Now technicians with the help of IT-enabled remote field support can breeze through instruction manuals without taking their eyes off the job at hand while saving time and avoiding mistakes.


Video Recording

Record collaborative videos for proof of work done, or to reuse for training purposes and tribal knowledge sharing.

Interactive Markup

Collaboratively draw and annotate on a live video call to minimize ambiguity and convey specifics about a job.

Track Analytics

Track your KPIs via customized dashboards that quantify the efficiency of your field and customer service teams while ensuring a significant ROI.

Connect to your CRMs and FSMs

While your CRM (customer relationship management) and FSMs (field service management) tools remain as your system of record for static information such as scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, billing and customer data, Blitzz quickly becomes your smart system of record for all collaborative events.


With the help of AR, instead of paper signage, customers can use a handhold device to see pricing, sale pricing, and store layouts. It will enable the customers to look for similar products themselves and find product information more efficiently.


Empower technicians with our suite of products!

We are modernizing the field service operations by empowering technicians to solve problems faster by combining IoT and field service. On-site workers can collaborate with remote experts with the help of visual support communication on PC or smartphone using augmented reality glasses. Troubleshoot issues on site and in real time, saving you time and money.