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9 Augmented Reality CX Tools for Happier Customers

Are your customers satisfied with the service they’re getting from you? 86% of customers are willing to pay more if it means getting a better customer experience, which means that even if you have the best prices on the market, if you’re getting outmatched when it comes to CX, your customers might have one foot out of the door. On the flip side, even if you don’t have the cheapest pricing, you’ll have customers lining up if you can offer a truly differentiated customer experience.

Augmented reality (AR) has introduced a whole host of new possibilities for customer experience. This exciting new technology is changing the way we think about remote support, and with the right tools in place, your company can take advantage.

Thanks to these nine tools, giving your customers “wow”-worthy experiences every time is within reach. Let’s explore how augmented reality helps field service workers.

The 9 Best Augmented Reality CX Tools

At first blush, augmented reality might seem like something best suited to the world in science fiction films. Still, companies that have started taking advantage of this innovative technology have seen real benefits for using AI and AR for remote customer support.  IKEA has integrated AR into its marketing strategy by launching a mobile app that allows customers to see how IKEA furniture would look in their homes. Similarly, Sherwin-Williams’ app lets customers test out different paint colors on their walls. Interior design applications are only the tip of this technological iceberg.

Augmented reality can benefit customers in any industry. Retail stores can use AR to give customers additional information about products on their shelves. In the tech industry, AR can help companies provide remote technical support to their customers. Even media companies like the New York Times are exploring AR: In 2018, the NYT app allowed users to see 3D holograms of Olympic athletes through their camera viewfinders.

Blitzz understands the value of AR when it comes to enhancing your customers’ experience. To see how our remote video support tool’s AR can keep your customers smiling, schedule a demo, and read on to see how augmented reality tools can help your business. 

AR for Customer Service


Stream is a live video support platform. The software gives you a remote view of your customer’s situation in the field. With this tool, your team can hop on a video call with your customers to help them troubleshoot their issues with the aid of visual context.

Streem works best for Enterprise customers. The website recommends it specifically for inside sales, insurance, and warranty support. The tool can also be used for home and field service. 

#2 Blitzz

Blitzz is a remote video support application. It is quick and easy to use and doesn’t require an app download from your customers. It also comes equipped with features like augmented reality for easier customer interaction. Support technicians can use a collaborative pointer, on-screen text, and other features to help guide a customer through their support issue with ease.

This tool can be used in most service environments but is best suited to hardware technical support and remote video inspection services. 


VR for Customer Onboarding

#3 Talespin

Talespin is a tool for customer education and onboarding. This tool lets you guide a customer through individual training paths and provides immersive learning content for employees and customers alike. 

Any company can use a tool like Talespin to train and onboard new employees, and companies selling products or services that require upfront training may benefit from this tool for their customers. 

AR Platforms

#4 Spark AR

Spark AR is a tool powered by Facebook. It allows you to add augmented reality effects to video calls. We don’t just mean adding funny filters to your appearance, either. This application can help you create video tutorials complete with step-by-step visuals.

If your business has a customer resource library, you can use Spark AR to spice up the training videos you have available. You can also use it to give an onboarding or update call the “wow” factor your customers are looking for. 

#5 Assemblr

Assemble helps you visualize ideas before you build. You can create 3D, interactive images and models using this application.

The uses of this app are twofold. First, you could use it similarly to Spark AR, creating interactive, 3D training modules for your customers. You can also use Assemblr with your engineering and product design teams to conceptualize new product offerings. 

AR For Retail

#6 View It

View It allows customers to visualize how products from your eCommerce store will appear in their space. They can project a 3D model of a product from your website into their camera viewfinder, getting a feel for how it will look in real life. 

There are several applications for this program, but its usefulness is perhaps most obvious for companies selling furniture and other houseware. 

#7 Zapworks

Zapworks offers several features, chief among them the ability to integrate with print campaigns to turn your 2D print materials into interactive, engaging 3D content. 

If you sell intricate or technical devices in your e-commerce store, then Zapworks might be the tool for you. It allows your customers to see the ins and outs of the items available for purchase and will enable you to draw their attention to key features. 

#8 Vossle

The Vossle app uses mapping technology to scan surfaces and overlay the digital object of your choosing. Most specifically, Vossle TryOn allows you to scan yourself and digitally try on glasses, hats, and more.

Clothing and eyewear stores, in particular, may be interested in trying Vossle due to their innovative TryOn feature. 

#9 Zakeke

Zakeke is a configurable and immersive shopping application. Your customers can not only view your wares in 3D, but they can also adjust, customize, and otherwise interact with them.

Companies that offer a lot of customization products would benefit from checking out Zakeke. So, if you own a screen printing or engraving shop, maybe give it a shot!

Augmented Reality is the Future of CX

Augmented reality is not just a cool gimmick, it’s a technological solution with countless applications, and it’s here to stay. Smartphone manufacturers are going all-in on AR features, and it’s a safe bet to guess that in the future, AR will be an expected part of a customer’s remote experience with your company. 

Both B2C and B2B will continue to innovate with AR for field service. This technology will enable them to make their employees more efficient, their customers better supported, and the public more aware of all the incredible things their company has to offer. 

If you are interested in embracing the shift to AR for customer support, give Blitzz a try! Our remote video support tool is the most comprehensive and simplest to use on the market. Schedule a demo with us today to see how Blitzz can transform your customer experience. 

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