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Blitzz embraces Apple’s ARKit, adds AR to Visual Field Support

Apple’s new AR Kit for visual field support is certainly good news for industries that rely on their field support staff to meet their customers’ servicing, repair and maintenance needs. Servicemax is certainly the mantra in so far as these companies are concerned for that positively impacts their bottomline. It is not surprising therefore that Blitzz a premier visual field support enabler has decided to support Apple’s AR Kit for visual remote support.

What you need to get started?

  1. An Active Blitzz Account (sign up here)
  2. An Apple device with an A9 or later processor (iPhone 6s or later, iPhone SE, any iPad Pro, or the 2017 iPad)

Considering the ever growing role of augmented reality in supporting visual field support across industries, Apple’s coming out with their very own AR Kit is going to be a game changer in more ways than one. Let’s see exactly how…

Better audio visual feed from site

ARKit really makes augmented reality apps come alive. For instance it deploys Visual Inertia Odometry (VIO) to be able to precisely amalgamate camera sensory data with core motion data enabling a device to obtain the precise sense of movement in a confined space.
Then there is its scene and lighting estimation ability that empowers an apple device to easily find horizontal planes like tables and floors in a confined space as well as  detect smaller objects. ARKit also uses the camera sensors to estimate the precise amount of available in a setting and deploy it in the optimal manner to light up virtual objects.

Native QR codE

Unlike in the past iOS users no longer need to install third party apps to be able to scan QR codes in the case of ARKit. The new pre-installed camera app will do the scanning on its own. AR codes come into play when linking AR content to real world objects. This should really be a handy tool in the hands of field service personnel.

ARKit supports many 3rd party tools

Apple’s ARKit is compatible with Scenekit, Unity 3D, Room Scan Pro and Unreal Engine to let you experience outstanding visuals. This will prove a boon to visual field support staff that will be able to send across high quality inputs to engineers located at remote control centers.

High Performance Hardware

Since ARKit runs on high performance Apple A9 and A10 processors, the field service personnel will be better enabled to send across visually detailed content for analysis to the back end team. This will allow the field technicians to provide the best possible solution to clients.

Helps Construction Site Management

AR has for some time been used at construction management sites. Its ability to empower project developers to visualize buildings in 3D has been greatly appreciated by industry professionals. The new Apple’s AR platform gas taken this ability to a whole new level.
With ARKit one can use anchors as well as tracking features to go ahead and scan a construction site with an Apple device, superimposing selected layers. This gives one a great deal of flexibility in planning and explaining things. For instance one can visualize areas in the building that can be hallmarked for plumbing and electrical fittings.

Ideal For Maintenance Work

Field service staff can use ARKit to locate ducts and water carrying pipes embedded inside walls and ceilings. They can by the simple expedient of creating a 3D model of the building locate critical areas like elevator rooms, telephone rooms and so on.

Apple ARKit Makes AR mainstream

Apple, the biggest technology company in the world has changed the ground rules for AR with the launch of ARKit. With developers now able to make augmented reality enabled apps on its operating system millions will have access to the magic of AR.