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Expedite Workflows for Claims Processing & Site Surveys

For the insurance vertical Blitzz can work well in the hands of vehicle owners as well either by itself or integrated into a main app by the insurance provider.  For e.g. when a vehicle owner has a fender bender, the policy holder could simply start a claim, take photos/videos, and submit the claim. The location would be automatically known together with the policy number. This drastically simplifies the FNOL. At this point the claims agent or the adjustor could come in to the thread, add other relevant people like a body shop mechanic for e.g. and expedite the claims process.

If your business entails taking surveys, risk assessment of heavy equipment, vehicles, infrastructure or the environment at remote locations, Blitzz can slash hours of unnecessary post-survey work. If you provide a service through a team of reps/engineers/surveyors who are out in the field taking any kind of assessment through observation, note taking, photos, videos aimed at generation of a report that then needs to be shared internally or with a client, then Blitzz is right for you

  • Capture survey notes, photos, videos as you walk the site
  • Add amendments, recommendations, files sharing them instantly
  • Collaborate just in time with policy holders and remotely assess situations​
  • Expedite claims processing

The app can facilitate live video calls as well. For e.g. if you are at a site for a survey, instead of taking notes in a notebook, taking photos, compiling them with the notes into a digital file, adding recommendations and amendments, exchanging documents all typically done post visit, you would be able to perform all of the above tasks on the Blitzz platform with ease as you walk the site. You would also be able to simultaneously share these notes organized into specific topics, with anyone internal to your group or external to the company all right from your phone or tablet. 1 Your work is pretty much done and shared as you walk off the site. Report generation from on-site surveys is now a breeze! Loss adjustors would find Blitzz extremely intuitive to use. They would be able to document notes/images/videos on the go, communicate with policyholders just in time, access and collaborate with experts on demand, share documents and recommendations back and forth in a secure environment. This mode of real time assessment would do away with communication inefficiencies and expedite the claims filing process.