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How Remote Customer Service Software Enables Seamless Virtual Support

Few things enrage a frustrated customer like a complicated virtual support line. Sixty-six percent of customers surveyed by Consumer Reports said their top customer service-related complaint was a customer service contact center that required them to take too many steps. 

When it comes to customer service, you know your processes need to be well-oiled and seamless. The last thing you want to do is accidentally give a customer the run-around, or perhaps worse, let them fall through the cracks altogether. Investing in the right remote customer service tech can help you avoid those problems. But how can a software solution help with such a person-centered part of your business?

This post will go over five key ways remote customer service software can help your support team care for your customers the right way. 

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Remote Customer Service Software: A Silver Bullet Solution? 

Is there such a thing as a silver bullet solution to customer service? Unfortunately, at this point in time, there doesn’t seem to be. No matter what solution you choose, you’ll still need to make sure you have a great support team behind you and a set of solid processes and procedures in place for that team to follow. However, the right customer service software can help you get your ducks in a row, making it much easier to manage customer support for your business. You can solve your customers’ issues 10x faster with remote support.

At Blitzz, we know remote customer service software. We’ve helped hundreds of our clients delight their customers with top-tier virtual support. As a result, we understand what features and tools your customers are looking for from your support line. Schedule a demo of Blitzz to see how our solution might be a fit for your business, or read on to learn about the top five features you can use to keep your customers coming back. 

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Live Chat 

Gone are the days when customers were willing to sit and wait on hold with a customer service line to solve a simple issue. Customers these days expect support to be quick, efficient, and available on-demand. 7% of today’s customers report that they prefer live chat to any other customer support channel. 

To use live chat, you’ll need to integrate a chat feature into your website. Ensure it is compatible with mobile devices, as more than 50% of all web traffic occurs on mobile. Customers can chat with a customer service representative, asking basic questions and receiving quick answers without ever dialing up your customer support phone line.

Live chat is ideal for simple inquiries that have quick answers. You can streamline your processes by providing a script to your support agents, allowing them to give consistent answers to each customer who asks the same question. Further process improvements can occur if you find a pattern of most-asked questions and incorporate a customer service chatbot to handle the most basic questions, freeing up your support agents to help with more complex issues. 


Remote Visual Assistance

For time savings and efficiency, remote visual assistance is a must-have for your customer service software stack. Remote visual assistance tools allow your customers to have the level of support they would get from an on-site support technician, without having to schedule an appointment and wait for that tech to arrive. On the flip side, this tool allows your support agents to handle twice as many customer support calls because they do not have to factor drive time into the equation.

Remote visual assistance tools allow your customer to meet with a technician virtually through the use of a program, web browser, or mobile application. The tool will tap into the customer’s device’s camera. It may incorporate advanced features such as augmented reality and text extraction to help your technician solve advanced customer issues without ever setting foot on-site. 

A tool like Blitzz is particularly appealing, as Blitzz offers all the advanced features you need, complete with a user-friendly interface. Blitzz also doesn’t require any installation or app download from your customers, removing one troublesome barrier between your customers and the help they need.


Social Media Support

The name of the current customer service game is omnichannel support. Your customers expect to be able to reach you in multiple ways with questions, issues, or concerns they have about your product or service. It’s not just the customer that benefits from this convenience: Businesses that offer omnichannel support have a 91% higher customer retention rate than companies that don’t. 

One main benefit of social media support is that it allows you to meet your customers where they are when they have questions, instead of expecting them to come to you. This helps customers feel cared for and supported. Additionally, you can anticipate future service patterns and solve issues proactively by searching for your brand on social media platforms. What are customers saying about you? Have you rolled out a new feature recently? How is it being received? Utilizing social media in your customer support efforts can help you answer these questions before the calls flood your customer service lines.


Automation of Tasks 

Speed is imperative for providing excellent customer service. After all, if your customer is calling you with an issue, that issue is preventing them from using your product or service to its fullest potential. The faster you can solve their problem, the sooner they can go back to accomplishing the tasks your business helps them accomplish - and the sooner they can go back to loving your company. One surefire way to speed things up is to automate some of the more repetitive support tasks, giving your support agents more time to focus on more complex issues. 

You can use a few common tricks to automate some of your more basic customer service-related tasks. In the above section, we already discussed incorporating the use of a chatbot. Similarly, you can use IVR on your phone system to automatically funnel customers to the support team best equipped to handle their specific inquiries. Automated emails are another great way to free up service agents to handle more human-centered tasks.

Lastly, you may want to incorporate self-service help resources on your company website. A simple FAQ or a more robust library of manuals or walkthrough guides can take some of the burdens off your support team and allow customers to solve some issues independently without waiting to speak to a representative. 


Customer Relationship Management

The last tool you’ll need to round out your customer service solution is robust and reliable customer relationship management or CRM. This tool allows you to keep all customer information in one easily accessible program. All support agents will have access to the same customer information, so if a customer calls with a repeat issue, they will not have to explain their struggles again, even if they speak with a new agent. 

CRM tools can also provide agents with important customer information, such as their purchase history, past support issues, and more. This data can be used to nurture campaigns in marketing efforts and go a long way toward making your customer feel special, appreciated, and seen by your organization. 


Seamless Virtual Support with Remote Customer Service Software 

With the right tech stack for your customer service solutions, you can offer amazing virtual support to your customer base every time. Automated tasks and CRM tools help free up valuable staff hours. Social media support and live chat allow your customers to feel heard. Remote visual assistance gives your support team the power to solve problems in real-time. A tool like Blitzz offers automation and remote support that ties into your CRM to give you a centralized, user-friendly support solution sure to delight customers and support agents alike.

If you want a winning tech stack for your virtual support team, a remote video support tool like Blitzz is a must-have. Get started with Blitzz for free with a 14-day trial and see how our program can help level up your customer support solutions. 

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