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How to Make It Work: 5 Keys to Effective Remote Video Inspection

The technology to initiate remote video inspection has been ready for years, but progress in this direction has been extremely slow. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all that. One of the highest priorities for companies right now is to make sure that they are able to keep their customer service business running amid Covid restrictions. Remote video inspection (RVI) is key to making this happen which is why its use has rapidly accelerated during the pandemic.

If your field business is struggling to keep pace, here are 5 keys that can help you make an effective transition to the remote video inspection process.

1. Good Communication

Good communication is essential to every business. It is even more important when everyone is trying to adapt to new ways of working during the pandemic. Amid the uncertainties that Covid-19 is creating, companies that keep employees “in the know”, even including them in discussions and brainstorming sessions, see a higher cooperation and dedication from employees. Good company ethics and communication is known to foster better relationships between your company and field/customer service agents as well as between your company and your customers. As field staff transition to RVI, they will be more willing and eager to adopt to new ways of working.

2. Written Policies and Guidelines for RVI

Field staff may need clear directions to follow mandatory Covid-19 safety precautions while they are on the job. By establishing clear guidelines and policies on how to set up an RVI and making sure that all field technicians have been trained and are completely on board can give employees the confidence they need to stay safe. It can help to spell out RVI procedures and share those guidelines with all stakeholders, including customers. Tip: To remove ambiguity, guidelines and protocols should include what field staff need to do, as well as what they should not do.

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3. The Use of the Right Technology

Visual inspection technology can vary according to the use case. For instance, advanced RVI technology may be used to evaluate corrosion levels of pipelines in the oil & gas sector as well as in the inspection of aircraft engines in the aviation industry. RVI may be found in the food and beverage industry where visual inspection equipment is used to assess raw materials before they are processed for food preparation. For the purpose of field inspections and customer service technicians, the Blitzz visual support software can make on-site inspections easy with its built-in features. This visual inspection technology requires minimal training.

4. The Important Task of Scheduling

On any given day, field technicians cover a variety of on-site work ranging from inspections, repairs, and maintenance to installation of a new equipment. Scheduling becomes a very important task. This is where companies like ServiceNow or Salesforce can make your job a lot easier offering a suite of tools that can automate repetitive tasks and digitalize the business process making every stage transparent. These tools can be easily integrated with Blitzz to provide a streamlined business process enabling automatic movement of cases from call centers to work orders to assigning agents who are rightly skilled for the job – right up to documentation, billing and offering payment gateways and the opportunity for customers to rate the service.

5. Creating Non-Destructible Records

RVI replaces the paper-based inspection system leading to increased operational efficiency. The Blitzz software enables markups, annotations, zoom, and images can be captured at any time during the inspection. If needed, the entire RVI can be recorded on video. These digital files can then be used for documentation purposes. Stored in the cloud, they can be easily retrieved for audit or fact-checking of events. An advanced field management software can create proforma invoices and have customers digitally sign off on repair work estimates. Once the job is complete, the customer receives a bill and can make immediate digital payment then and there, even before an agent leaves the premises. No more paperwork and filing systems that take up copious office space. This promotes the green evolution!

RVI Works!

Blitzz can be used as a stand-alone software or integrated with other sales software but the benefits of using Blitzz remains the same. After using Blitzz to conduct an RVI, our customers have reported speedy response times to a customer problem, quicker report generation, substantial cost savings, an increase in first-time fix rates, and higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Remote video inspection has become essential to field and customer service business continuity. RVI is working so well, experts now believe that the post-pandemic field service business would be a drastic change from the field service we left behind – remote video inspections are here to stay.

Contact us now and discover how the Blitzz user-friendly software can help your field technicians and customer service agents increase their proficiency levels.

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