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How to Make the Case for Including Video Support Software in Your Budget

Mar 16, 2022 Blitzz Team Remote Video Support

Video support software can help your customer care team connect with customers to resolve issues the first time they reach out. If you’ve used this tech before – or have been eyeing our product – you know first-hand how it can deliver better support and save your company money.

But those advantages might not be immediately clear to your leadership team. To get buy-in for adding video support software to your tech stack, you need to frame it as a worthwhile investment that’s not another line item.

For the strongest pitch, go in with clear use cases that demonstrate how it can improve on your current customer care model. Here, we’ll highlight three benefits of video support tech to emphasize when making your case. 


#1: Show How Video Support Software Can Boost Customer Satisfaction – and Loyalty

At customer care centers, the best way to maintain customer satisfaction is to focus on their biggest priority: deliver fast issue resolutions.

If your customer care center doesn’t have video support software, agents may struggle to quickly resolve issues. That’s because the phones and chat tools they use can’t provide the visual cues necessary to foster seamless communication. 

Without visual cues, your agents and customers are at greater risk of having a miscommunication, which typically results in customer frustration. To relieve tensions, agents may escalate the problem to someone else, like a manager or even a field technician. Unfortunately, that extends the time to resolution. 

With video tech, agents have visual cues that make it easier to build rapport and understanding on their calls. We call this phenomenon “visual empathy.” An empathetic connection between agents and customers can reduce friction, which improves communication. Visual empathy also empowers agents to focus more on solving the problem at hand. The end result is greater customer satisfaction overall. 

An added benefit of customer satisfaction: when your customers are happy, they’re likely to remain loyal. They’ll keep your company top of mind and continue to generate revenue.

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#2: Highlight Remote Video Tech’s Impact on Agent Retention

Agents are the backbone of your company’s workforce, and business leaders need ways to keep them satisfied too. When pushing for video support software’s adoption, explain how this tech can improve the agent calling experience. 

Customer and agent satisfaction are linked. Tense calls can be stressful and take a toll on your agents’ mental health. But when agents use remote video tech to drive customer satisfaction, visual empathy can lower stress levels and make for a healthier workplace. 

A positive work environment may encourage your agents to stick with your customer care center over more toxic alternatives. That’s important during a nationwide labor shortage, when it’s difficult enough to find new workers. There are other reasons to retain agents, though. Agent retention helps you…

  • Grow your team's knowledge base. Experienced agents can handle calls better than new hires – and can lend their advice if something goes wrong.
  • Preserve your call handling capacity. With fewer agents, you’ll have to take fewer calls.
  • Avoid the costs of training new employees. It’s expensive to get new agents up to speed – and the time spent can slow your revenue generation. 

When your customer care center uses remote video tech, your agents will have the tools they need to optimize their calling experience. 


#3: Emphasize How Video Support Software Delivers Cost Savings

When making your case for video support tech, focus on something that every business cares about: how it can introduce cost savings.

One way this tech saves money is by boosting customer retention. 

Without video support tech, customer care centers are slower to resolve issues, which can drive customers away. But with video support software, agents can resolve issues faster, preserving your customers’ happiness and your company’s revenue. 

When companies can’t retain customers, they have to depend on constant customer acquisition. That’s an expensive approach: the costs of marketing, sales, and inventory upkeep quickly add up. It’s much cheaper to build a core group of customers by investing in tools like remote video tech.

If your company sells physical products, you’ll want to highlight another way that video support software saves money: by reducing the need for truck rolls.

If problems aren’t fixed on the first try, they may get passed on to a field tech for resolution. These truck rolls are pricey – about $130 per dispatch. Don’t have a field team? You’ll likely need to pay for return shipping and product replacement. 

Video-enabled call centers can avoid these costs because agents can resolve issues faster. That means companies don’t need to pay for costly truck rolls or product replacements.

When speaking to business leaders, emphasize that video tech is worth the investment now if it can help save your company money later. 


The Right Tech Can Maximize Your ROI on Video Support Software

Remote video tech has clear benefits for your company and your customers. But relying on just any video software won’t cut it. To get the most out of this tech, you need a tool that’s optimized for your business’ needs. 

With Blitzz, you have industry-specific tools to maximize customer satisfaction and save your company money. Want to see how remote video tech can transform your customer care center? Try out a demo today.

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Published by Blitzz Team March 16, 2022