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Advantages of Remote Video Inspections over Virtual Inspections

There are some key differences between a virtual inspection and remote inspection.

Virtual inspections

Virtual inspections rely on the property contact acting as the inspector, doing a self-inspection by taking photos, and then use geocoding metadata to confirm the picture location.

Risks with Virtual Inspections

Relying on this method is extremely risky, as it is extraordinarily easy to edit the location data on digital images which is a huge fraud risk. Photos, even if used in conjunction with geolocation metadata, are not considered a safe, reliable method for verifying the location. Currently, there is no way to verify the photos are of the property. A malicious actor could easily fool virtual inspection tools that attempt to use a photo’s metadata to verify the location and time a photo was taken. A malicious actor looking to abuse a virtual inspection tool may look, for example, to gain a higher appraisal value for their home than a traditional appraiser would assign.

Virtual inspections, if not completed properly, also risks a slow down of the process as the property contact will have to go back and take extra photos if the correct things were not captured the first time.

Remote Video Inspections

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RVI (Remote Video Inspections) are a more reliable solution. Remote Inspections has the property contact (for example, the homeowner) acting as the intermediary for the remote inspector. On a live video conference, the Remote Inspector instructs the property contact what areas of the property to capture, providing them real-time feedback as they walk the property. The property contact’s identification is verified, and the exterior of the property and views of the street and neighboring properties are also captured. Blitzz uses third party resources such as Google Maps to verify the property location with the recorded inspection video.

At the conclusion of the remote inspection session, the inspector has a recorded video asset, leaving an auditable digital trail. Using the recorded asset, the remote inspector creates a professional inspection report that is delivered to the lender or other requesting party.

Try it Today

We encourage you to try our platform today to see how it can help your inspectors and clients stay safe amidst this outbreak.

If you’d like to test Blitzz for yourself, head over to our website to request a demo today!

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