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4 Ways Remote Video Support Helps You Build Customer Loyalty

What is the one step that 83% of consumers take before making a significant purchase decision? They ask for a recommendation

People don’t tend to recommend a company or product they’re only lukewarm about - they tend to recommend something when they genuinely believe in it. This tendency is why, to succeed, you need to focus on more than just bringing new customers in the door - you need to build relationships and loyalty with the customers you already have. Adding a remote video support tool to your customer support tech stack is one excellent way to instill that loyalty in your customers. 

This post will walk you through some of the ways one-click remote support can help you turn your regular customers into loyal, dedicated evangelists who will come back time and time again.


Customers and Remote Support

You may be thinking, don’t most customers want to speak to someone in person? 

For many years, the industry thought along those same lines. Either customer support was human, personalized, and on-site, or it was cold, mechanical, and filled with nothing but chatbots and phone trees. This is no longer the case.

During the lockdowns that flooded over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners and leaders across industries were forced to answer the same question for their business: How can I keep things running remotely? 

The solution, remote video support, opened a new realm of customer service and technical support possibilities. 

Instead of dealing with a crowded customer service line or waiting for an on-site technician to arrive sometime within a three-hour window, customers were given the opportunity to speak with a technical expert and get real-time support using the camera on their cell phone

There are several ways you can leverage the lessons learned during the pandemic for your future success, and investing in a remote video support solution is one of them. Now that you’ve had the chance to see the value of remote support, let’s explore the top four ways this tech support solution can help you build loyalty and increase retention in your customers.  

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1. Shows Respect for Customer Time

Your customers don’t care how many other customers you need to take care of. That may sound harsh, but it’s true—every customer wants to feel like they’re your top priority. One way to show your customers how important they are to you is to respect their time as much as you respect your own time.

Remote video support helps you show respect for your customers’ time for a few reasons. Firstly, it eliminates their need to wait on hold to speak to a support representative. Customers can schedule appointments with a support rep on your website without ever dialing your customer service line.

Another reason your customers will love remote video support is that the appointments they schedule will be specific time slots. That’s right, no more waiting for a technician to arrive sometime in a three-hour window. With remote video support, your customers will know exactly when they can expect help with their issues.

Your customers already love your product or services, and showing them this level of respect by putting them first will give them another reason to love your brand—and another reason to stick around. 


2. Demonstrates Your Expertise

According to 70% of surveyed customers, their number one complaint with customer service is that the representative can’t help them. The representative doesn’t have a solution or proposes an ineffective or just plain wrong solution. An excellent way to win customer loyalty is simply by offering effective customer support.

Remote video support gives your staff the ability to get eyes on the problem at hand, making miscommunications far less likely. Tools like Blitzz are equipped with augmented reality and OCR-powered text extract features, empowering your agents to solve problems creatively and efficiently. 

In short, you can expect your first call resolution to go through the roof.

Remote video support also has the edge over on-site technical support. Though both of these solutions allow technicians to view the problem at hand, only remote video support allows the technician to tap into your company’s knowledge base easily. They can easily review company documentation while on the call, or even call in another support rep for help with a particularly tricky issue. 

Demonstrating your expertise will increase your customers’ faith in your business, which will increase their sense of loyalty. 


3. Promotes Human Relationships

How many times have you heard someone complain that the biggest problem with customer support these days is that it’s nearly impossible to speak with a human?

Remote video support can fix this issue for your customers. 

Customers will not only get to skip the phone-tree-and-hold cycle of regular customer service lines, but they will also get to speak face-to-face with a representative. Relationships are a two-way street, and speaking with another human face-to-face makes it much easier for both parties to walk that street and meet in the middle. 

Remote video support also returns a sense of visual empathy to the customer service call process. In other words, customers will stick with your organization because they know you care. How do they know you care? Because they can see it with their own eyes


4. Indicates You Care (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Today’s customers care greatly about customer support, but they also care about ethics. Many customers want to know that the brands they support aren’t just putting out great products and services. They want to know they’re doing it ethically. 

This desire brings us to how remote video support can support your corporate social responsibility efforts.

Truck rolls aren’t just bad for your bottom line—they’re bad for the environment. 

By embracing a remote video support model, you can show your customers that your brand is doing its part to lower its carbon footprint. Showing your customers that you’re running an ethical brand will inspire trust and loyalty


Use Remote Video Support to Build Customer Loyalty

Remote video support can enhance your customer retention efforts and build customer loyalty. By showing customers respect, demonstrating they can trust your expertise, providing them with a human connection, and showing your commitment to social responsibility, you will be providing a customer experience truly worthy of loyalty. 

Blitzz offers a robust remote video support tool with all the features your team needs and none of the confusing downloads, interfaces, and integrations that might slow them down. To see how Blitzz can boost your customers’ loyalty and level up your customer service experience, schedule a demo today! 

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