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Use Remote Video Support to Meet the Environmental Segment of Your ESG Targets

When your company talks about their ESG goals, the early conversations typically center around opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint, emissions, and waste.

But to do that, it’s often necessary to adopt a new way of doing things and thinking about your operations structure. And that’s where remote video technology can help transition your call center team into a new, remote configuration without sacrificing the benefits of time in the office.

Here’s how transitioning to remote video support technology can help your company meet its environmental targets.


As Part of Your ESG Efforts, Identify Your Company’s Direct Emissions

When your company resolves to reduce its carbon footprint, it can be difficult to know where to start. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol recommends beginning with the easiest targets: this means reducing your direct emissions, also known as Scope 1 emissions.

For companies with large call centers, one way to cut down on your carbon footprint is to reduce your real estate footprint. By transitioning to remote customer support, you can gain huge carbon economies in heating, electricity, and annual waste output.

While many organizations went fully remote during the pandemic in the face of public health concerns, some may stay that way because this arrangement helps them meet multiple goals, including reducing their environmental impact.

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Use Remote Video Tech to Triage Maintenance Requests and Sitework

Companies that use call centers as a front line of customer support can use a decentralized model and video technology to triage their team’s travel to do maintenance on equipment that must be done onsite.

With the use of a CRM that supports video technology integrations, your customer support staff can visually identify issues and help customers troubleshoot to achieve resolutions without leaving their desks – whether they work at home or in an office. For calls that do require a site visit, your staff can be sure it’s worth their time before heading out the door.

At Blitzz, we often talk about how video calls can help reduce the number of truck rolls your teams log in a year. In this case, the benefits aren’t just more efficient workdays and lower costs.

At scale, the average cost of sending staff out to provide on-site support becomes one of the largest contributors to a company’s fossil fuel use on an annual basis. By transitioning to a remote support model, you gain savings in your company’s budget and in its carbon footprint.


The Remote Video Tech You Need to Improve Your First Contact Resolution Rate

With the help of remote video tech, you can enable your team to provide more personal support from wherever they’re working. This is something we call visual empathy, and the face-to-face video interactions you gain come with the benefit of more positive and productive interactions.

At Blitzz, we’re confident that we can help you improve your First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate. While many customer support models focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) like average handle time (AHT), we believe that the most important thing is to provide a one-touch, positive experience. And this approach helps limit the environmental impact of each interaction.

While, of course, AHT is a meaningful metric, the best thing you can do is deliver the resolution your customers need on first contact. This way your team won’t waste time and resources trying to track down their most recent ticket and customer history to get to that resolution, which conserves resources for all at scale.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Remote Video Support Technology

Call centers have modernized along with the rest of the infrastructure for customer support, and the result is better customer experiences and higher customer expectations. Whether your teams support automotive, industrial, or another class of product, you are being held to higher standards than ever before.

And all companies are simultaneously being pushed to deliver greener and cleaner experiences. By going remote and adopting more efficient remote customer support tech, you can serve your customers and your corporation’s commitments to the environment.

To learn more about how Blitzz can help you transform your customer support operations, sign up for a demo today.

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