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How Remote Visual Support Can Speed Up Repairs for Anything from Copiers to Espresso Machines

Whether it’s a copier or point-of-sale device, when a critical machine in your workplace breaks down, business grinds to a halt.

One key example: espresso machines. Americans love their coffee, so when a cafe can’t get its espresso machine working, you can imagine the pandemonium that breaks out.

If you’re an espresso machine retailer, you can provide repair services to deliver critical value to your customers. And with remote visual support, your technicians can get malfunctioning espresso machines up and running faster. Here’s more on how remote visual support can help your company and your customers.


Remote Visual Support Helps You Save on Technician Dispatches

Espresso machines are finicky. In addition to daily backflushing, they need minor servicing every three months, major servicing every six months, and complete part overhauls every year. With so many complex components, a lot can go wrong in the process – and your customers will need you to handle repairs.

Here’s the thing: although espresso machines require frequent servicing and repairs, not every problem calls for an on-site technician. Each dispatch costs your company money – about $130, in fact. What goes into this number?

  • Gas or transit reimbursements.
  • Vehicle wear and tear.
  • Your technicians’ time.
  • Lost revenue generation potential.

Every time you send a technician to make simple repairs, you’re likely wasting money. The solution? Use remote visual support to save on dispatch costs.

For example, let’s say a customer’s solenoid valve is malfunctioning. Using their mobile device, they could video-call a technician for expert assistance. The technician could walk them through some troubleshooting steps, like checking pressure levels and debris buildup. Once they’ve identified the problem, the technician can use on-screen markup capabilities to show the caller how to make the repair, all without leaving their desk.

If the valve needs replacement, you can fast-track a part delivery to the customer. With remote visual support, your technicians can then help with the installation – they’ll only be a video call away.

Save on-site repairs for only the most complex jobs. For the rest, use remote visual support to save your company five to six dispatches per technician every month.

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Remote Video Tech Can Expedite Espresso Machine Repairs

With conventional espresso machine repairs, technicians often spend time traveling to each customer. But while the technician is in transit, the coffee shop is missing out on espresso-driven revenue.

Espresso drinks are incredibly popular menu items: consumption jumped 50 percent between 2015 and 2020. To maintain their revenue generation, your customers need to minimize espresso machine downtime. You can use remote visual support to deliver faster repairs.

Faster service often means better service, and your customers will reward you for it. Over 90 percent of customers are likely to spend more for the streamlined support they need. With app-free remote visual support, you can provide high-quality service that boosts customer satisfaction and improves your profit margins.

Something else to note: coffee shop owners talk, and the ones you serve are likely to tell others about your efficient repair service. Over time, remote visual support can help you attract more customers and retain the ones you have.


Remote Visual Support Can Protect Espresso Machines from Damage in Transit

When your customers need espresso machine repairs, some might opt to bring their machines to one of your repair sites for servicing. But espresso machines have a number of complex parts that could clatter or shake loose in transit.

By the time they make it to your repair site, your customers’ machines could be in even worse shape than they were to begin with. That could extend their time to repair, which is bad news for revenue generation.

When your technicians use remote visual support to service and repair espresso machines, your customers won’t need to risk damage in transit. And if you ordinarily take responsibility for machine transportation, you can mitigate your company’s liability.


Keep Your Business Running with Blitzz

With so many espresso drinks on your customers’ menus, every minute of machine downtime means lost revenue. But chances are, your customers will need support for more than just espresso machines.

From burr grinders to batch brewers, you can use Blitzz’s remote visual support to service all your customers’ equipment. And remember: Blitzz-powered technicians can even help you troubleshoot and repair equipment in your own workplace, whether it’s a power drill or a microwave.

Interested in learning more? Try out a free demo today.

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