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Video Call Customer Service: Deliver 5-Star Support from Anywhere

When it comes to customer retention, providing an excellent customer service experience is vital. 90% of customers decide whether or not to keep working with your company based mainly on customer service. 

We’ve all heard the complaints consumers have about customer service: They’re sick of talking to robots. They can never get in touch with a representative. They hate rehashing their problem to five different people on the phone as they get transferred over and over again. Perhaps worst of all, the reps they speak to can’t solve their problem, and they come away from the whole experience feeling abandoned and frustrated

Enter a new solution: Video call customer service

Remote support software is changing the game when it comes to customer service. 

Video-based remote tech support software in call centers is the way of the future. This post will cover five of the ways video call customer service addresses common customer support issues, providing your customers with five-star support every time.


How Video Call Customer Service Delivers 5-Star Support

Video call customer service isn’t an entirely new concept. Some companies have been using tools like Skype to interface with customers since the mid-2000s. However, adopting innovative new technologies like AR and text recognition into remote support tools has transformed video call service from a poor substitution for face-to-face communication into something capable of offering a genuinely next-level customer experience and visual empathy.

Blitzz’s remote support tool, Concierge, is one of the most advanced yet user-friendly tools on the market. It boasts features like AR for remote customer support, image capture, reporting, and more. Take the tool for a test drive today to see how it can solve your customer support woes. 

Now, let’s explore how video call customer service allows you to deliver five-star support your customers will rave about. 

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One of the top complaints consumers have about customer service is a lack of availability. They may complain that they can never get in touch with someone or they are stuck waiting on hold for hours whenever they call a specific customer service line. When you embrace remote video support, you can mitigate or eliminate these challenges for your customers. 

Firstly, video calls are simple to schedule. This means that your customer doesn’t have to sit on hold with customer service for hours just trying to get in touch with someone, nor do they need to wait for an on-site technician to commute to their location. Instead, they can schedule a video call and then take the call from their mobile device, working remotely with the technician to resolve their issue. 

Additionally, if your customer service line is remote, you can employ remote workers across time zones, allowing you to offer live customer service outside of the standard 8-5 schedule.



How often have you heard someone lament that they just want to speak to a human when it comes to customer service? Usually, we see this complaint associated with chatbots and “press one for yes, press two for no” call menus. Still, the same frustrations can apply to audio-only customer service as well. When a support agent is just a disembodied voice reading from a script, human connection is still missing from the interaction.

Enter video call customer service!

Video support incorporates the cost-savings and convenience of remote service with the visual empathy and warmth of face-to-face communication. By allowing your support agents and your customers to connect a face with their interaction, you bring humanity back to your customer service experience. 



When considering video call customer service, a chief concern is that virtual service will be slower and less efficient than in-person support. However, in many ways, video call support is more efficient than in-person or on-site customer service. 

Firstly, video calls cut out the need to factor in commute times for support agents and technicians to travel to customer sites. This allows each tech to fit more appointments into each day. 

Additionally, remote video support tools like Blitzz offer advanced features like augmented reality to help field service workers solve customer issues faster. With the help of these tools, support agents can walk a customer through their problems on the spot. Essentially, the customer gets all the benefits of having a support agent on-site without having to schedule an appointment and wait for the agent to commute to their location. 



Let’s examine a scenario: You’re a customer, and you’ve contacted a customer support line. You’ve had to sit on hold for hours, clicked through multiple phone tree menus, and finally, you’ve been able to schedule an on-site appointment with a technician. Then, when the tech arrives, they take a look and break the news that they don’t know how to solve the issues, and they’ll have to refer you to another technician. 

What could be more frustrating?

However, if you’re using video call customer service, you can alleviate all of these stressors for your customers. Firstly, the vast majority of your customers’ calls can be handled remotely, meaning they would never need to schedule an appointment with an on-site tech. Even if the situation requires boots on the ground, if the issue at hand stumps your on-site technician, they can call for backup remotely. This means you can solve your customers’ issues every time, and give your clients the peace of mind that your agents will always be able to solve their problems. 



You know that most of your customers will be contacting your service line with the same or similar questions, but in your customers’ view, their issues are unique and deserve to be treated as such. Chatbots and automated call menus are a great way to segment your calls into categories for your service agents, but to deliver 5-star support, your customer will need personalized treatment.

Robust remote support tools allow service agents to personalize their support on the call itself and track and store information on past calls. This will enable agents to reference past issues from this same customer. This means the customer will never have to explain a problem more than once - what’s more personal than that?

Keep Your Customers Delighted with Video Call Customer Service 

It might just be time to kick the old, tired methods of customer service to the curb. Video call customer service ties the empathy and availability of in-person customer service with the knowledgeability, efficiency, and personalization that requires the assistance of technology to deliver. With a robust remote video support tool in place, your business can offer customers service they know they can rely on, time and time again.

Interested in trying video call customer service out for yourself? Give it a shot with our free trial of Blitzz Concierge. Your team can test out the software for 14 days free of charge. Start your trial today to see how Blitzz can help you keep your customers coming back for more.

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