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All You Need to Know About Field Technician Engagement Tools

Keeping Technicians engaged in their jobs can be a difficult task. When they’re disengaged, staff members may become less productive, end up burnt out and could leave your business entirely. You have several methods for driving engagement, from offering a feature-rich collaborative communication platform to putting Technician feedback solutions into place.

Robust Communication Platform

Sometimes people feel unengaged because they’re isolated in the field or don’t have communication channels for discussing topics with coworkers, supervisors and other staff members. A robust communication platform that uses multiple types of chats, such as text and video, gives workers a lot of options.
They can quickly get help from other people on the team, provide valuable information that helps projects succeed, and reaches out when they need to involve people from other departments. Subject matter experts are a few clicks or a call away with this type of solution, which is particularly important for field service representatives dealing with highly technical or specialized products.
No one gets their time wasted while they sit around waiting for an answer. Both the employee and customer experience is improved with the help of this backend communication platform.

Valuable Intranet

Intranets sometimes get overlooked as a valuable centralized hub for Technician engagement. Some companies only use intranets as a list of links for the employee’s applications that they need to perform their job functions, or a basic calendar with everyone’s schedule.
You can leverage Technician intranets by offering valuable resources on those pages. Technician handbooks, lists of policies and procedures, a social network, group chats, updates about the company and other content find a home here. You want to make the intranet a place that employees visit every day so they stay up to date on what’s happening.
Another benefit of encouraging intranet usage is that you have all of your staff members on the same page when it comes to the resources they should be using for their daily job duties. Sometimes people use their preferred applications on personal devices if they have a hard time using the officially approved solutions. You can curtail this by making it easy for Technician to log in to these resources and get help when it’s necessary.

Self-Service Training

Can Technicians learn more about the applications that they use on a daily basis without having to go out of their way to hunt someone down? Self-service training materials allow staff to expand their skills on their own schedule, which can often lead to you having a more educated workforce that’s motivated to improve themselves.
Consider offering several training formats, such as videos, hands-on, and lecture transcripts. Technicians can choose the format that they learn from the best, which can keep them engaged with the entire process.

Technician Feedback Solutions

Sometimes managers get out of touch with what it’s actually like to perform frontline job functions. Technicians may feel like they’re not being listened to when they bring up concerns or have issues with business processes. An employee feedback solution puts a formal procedure in place for giving input that can help improve the team, department or even the entire company.
Technician engagement ties heavily into the customer experience. If your people aren’t happy, your clients are going to know. These options give you a strong foundation for improving engagement and addressing core problems before they lead to people leaving your organization.