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5 Key Benefits of Remote Video Inspections in 2022

How often have you or one of your inspectors received a service call and driven to the location only to perform the inspection or audit, or solve the issue in less than 10 minutes? Inspections are a critical part of the construction process, but unfortunately, this process is often not as efficient as it should be. Just like any business, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings are critical for the success of your inspection services. 

Fortunately, new technology is developed every day that makes it easier to conduct business while saving time and cutting costs. By taking advantage of remote video inspections, also called virtual inspections, inspectors can help customers solve their issues without ever having to leave the office. 

But the benefits of remote video inspection go far beyond this. Let’s take a look at a few of the many ways AR-powered video inspections can help your business succeed.

This article covers

  • How Remote Inspections Work
  • 5 Advantages of Remote Visual Inspections For Your Business
    1. Lower Your Carbon Footprint
    2. Improve Customer Satisfaction
    3. Save Time
    4. Save Money
    5. Minimizes Inspector Travel

How Remote Inspections Work

Inspectors often waste hours every day driving to and from work sites in order to complete inspections that take less than an hour.

This is where a remote visual inspection specialist comes in. Instead of driving to the location, the inspector can initiate a video call with the client or property owner and walk them through the inspection without having to waste time traveling.

All the inspector has to do is send the client a link by text messaging (SMS) to open a video call, then the client can use their phone to verify their location by showing the inspector the street address on-camera. They can then proceed to show the inspector all areas of interest. The inspector can even zoom in, take screenshots and videos, take notes, make annotations, and more (see all features)

The 4 Benefits of Remote Video Inspections

Whereas apps like Skype require clients to download an app and make an account, Blitzz allows clients to take part in video calls without downloading anything. All they need to do is open the link sent to them by the inspector to get started. 

Additionally, if an inspector isn’t able to solve the issue themselves, they can invite an expert to the video call and walk them through the solution.

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For clients, cities, and businesses, remote video inspections offer a way to quickly and easily perform inspections and solve many of the issues that might normally take hours to resolve.

Remote Video Inspections

5 Benefits of Remote Visual Inspections For Your Business

Of course, before implementing a new service, it’s important to understand how that service can help your city, county, or business.

That being considered, here are four ways remote visual inspection can help your business.

1. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

When your inspectors are out on the road, they’re using more than hours: They’re using fuel. According to the EPA, a typical vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of CO2 each year. With the amount of time the average inspector spends on the road, we’re willing to bet most of your vehicles are emitting even more than that. 

The less time your inspectors spend on the road, the less fuel they’re using. Adopting remote video inspections can decrease your business’s carbon footprint, resulting in a win for the environment and your public image. 


2. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be a top priority for cities, counties, and businesses. If residents or customers are happy with your services, it will make a big difference.  They are much more likely to return to your business and recommend your company to their acquaintances.

One of the most common complaints submitted by customers to cities, counties, and companies in the construction industry is that inspectors often take too long to arrive on location and complete the job, or that customers incur fines due to delayed inspections.

Remote visual inspections resolve this issue by making it possible for residents and customers to have their inspection, survey or audit performed quickly and efficiently.


3. Save Time

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of remote video inspections is that they save a significant amount of time. While there will always be complex issues that require on-site help, a large percentage of inspections can be performed via a quick video call. 

With remote video inspections, inspectors can do their jobs right from their desks. Blitzz provides all the tools inspectors need to complete an inspection without having to drive to the location.

Additionally, video inspections eliminate wait times as inspections can begin exactly at their scheduled times — meaning, no more delays due to bad traffic, wrong directions, or other issues.

This is great for cities and businesses.  For cities or counties, it means happier customers and more time for inspectors to file reports and do other tasks.  For businesses, it also means increased revenue as inspectors can complete more inspections in less time. As you’ve surely heard before, time is money — especially when your business relies on completing as many service calls as possible.

4. Save Money

Travel doesn’t just waste time, it’s also incredibly expensive. As inspectors drive thousands and thousands of miles, gas and vehicle maintenance costs can add up very fast. If inspectors often work for the city, these costs are deferred to the taxpayers.

Remote video inspections can eliminate these costs by making it possible to complete inspections without having to travel to worksites.

As Blitzz allows you to take pictures, record videos, and notes, inspectors no longer have to spend an hour in the car before they even start their actual job.

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5. Minimize Inspector Travel

Inspectors spend about 1/5th of their time on the road. On some days, inspectors might even spend the majority of their time on the road. Not only is this incredibly inefficient, but it also opens your inspectors up to dangers like roadway accidents.

Fortunately, remote video inspections make it possible to complete many inspections without having to travel at all.

As a result, your inspectors can complete more inspections in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, they will not run the risk of accidents or weather-related incidents on the road. 

Water heater remote virtual inspection

Experience the Benefits of Remote Video Inspections

Want to learn more?

If you want to see how remote inspections can help your business, good news: you can try it for yourself.

At Blitzz, we offer premier remote video inspection services for cities, counties, and businesses. Request a demo today to see for yourself how our innovative software can make your life easier, save time and money and increase customer satisfaction.

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